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It has been two weeks since Shooting Stars from Bag Raiders got stuck in our heads and since we were inspired and full of awe at
The Next Web event. We have rested and recharged and can now finally reveal all of our findings. Read more

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Truth is Facebook hasn’t been playing nice. You’ve seen it all. You put all the effort in creating interesting and read-worthy posts while it doesn’t even reach half of your audience. In the mean time Facebook loves to tweak its algorithm to make sure organic reach keeps on dropping. Why? Read more

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There’s no denying the fact that mobile revolution has a serious impact on our lives and the way we do business. One of the most astounding facts is that our attention span has dropped severely since this mobile revolution. The multitude of social and informative channels and ways to convey information be it through video, image, text, audio or something completely else are definitely at the basis. In fact, our attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish. Dropping from 12 to 8 seconds in contrast to the 9 second attention span of a goldfish, we’d say that’s pretty intense. Read more